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Bend the mortality curve

We are the only personalized preventive care platform built for insurance.

Transform genetic and behavioral information into regulatory compliant data insurers can use. Leverage genetics to improve policiyholders’ health and lifespan.

Insurance & Genetics

Using genetic data has always been the holy grail for life insurance. Strict regulation, genetic anti-discrimination laws, and policyholders’ increasing need for privacy have kept insurers from accessing this data - until now.

Futura Genetics has created the only genetics-based clinical grade Digital Health Platform & long-term personalised health program designed for carriers and brokers.

We empower policyholders by driving them to perform simple, clinically proven single-time actions, with a huge impact on health.

Our post-underwriting platform also transforms policyholder genetic & behavioral data into regulatory compliant data for insurers. Personal health and genetic information is never disclosed.

Creating Value for Carriers and Brokers

Creating Value for Carriers and Brokers

Outstanding actuarial gain, bending the mortality curve

Increased sales

Decreased & delayed claims

Better risk assessment and mitigation

Improved long-term persistency

Regulatory compliant analysis of policyholders’ medical compliance

Efi Binder, Our CEO, in an in-depth interview with Matt Ferguson, Managing Partner of Sønr

Empowering Policyholders

Empowering Policyholders

At-home non-invasive DNA test 

Live genetic counseling

Improved health and lifespan

Early detection of life-threatening diseases

Unique medical insights unavailable in routine checkups

Long-term personalized preventive care program

Rewards and discounts for medical compliance

Secure, private, and confidential



Efi Binder

CEO, Co-Founder

Ram Warsha

COO, Co-Founder

Oran Singer


Fatima Omari

Head of Genetics

Advisory Board

Prof. Oded Sarig

Insurance & Finance

Prof. Dani Bercovich

Genetics Research & Bioinformatics

Dr. Guy Rozner, M.D.

Medicine & Genetics

Dr. Yoram Plotsky

Consumer Genetics & Ethics

Tomer Fefer


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