5 reasons why you should have your DNA tested
Did you know that there are over 6000 diseases determined by your DNA? And that in many cases you can actually prevent fatal outcomes? All you need is to know. Luckily, the knowledge is easily accessible and affordable. Now more than ever before. So why you should be concerned about what you take after your parents?

1. There's a high chance you have a predisposition for a disease

We are living in times of high risks of inheriting a genetic disease. Natural selection has been suppressed for quite some time now. Thanks to our modern society and high quality health care even people with genetic defects, who are often infertile, or people who wouldn't live up to reproductive age at all, can have children.

As the rate of defected genes grows, we are more likely to inherit them and get sick. For example, women have around 60% chances to develop breast cancer if they carry the mutation. Men are 10 times more likely to get prostate cancer if they possess susceptible genes.

So why not to take an advantage of modern technology and learn something useful about ourselves? Especially when it can save us from kicking the bucket way too soon.

2. Troubles might be hidden waiting to strike

Congenital diseases don't go around screaming: "Here I am, pay attention to me!” Especially metabolic and autoimmune conditions remain silent until some age or a triggering event.

That can be very dangerous because if you are unaware of an underlying problem, it is impossible to take any precautions or prevention and you can end up unpleasantly surprised.

For example celiac disease is often going unrecognized until some major problem like anemia, depression or even colon cancer occurs. And yet so little needs to be done in order to be healthy!

3. Only those who know the truth can make right decisions

Do you prefer sweet blindness or the truth? Tough question. But when it comes to health, the answer is easy. Because then, and only then, you have all the information you need to live a long and quality life.

This is particularly true in case of illnesses that are influenced by other factors than genetics. For instance, someone with a genetic predisposition for cardiovascular disease can significantly lower the risks by eating healthy, doing some sports, staying calm and not smoking. One with such diagnosis thinks twice before taking a bite of a cheeseburger, right!

4. You want your kids to be healthy

Now you know that you can actually do something about it. Genetics is not the final answer. But first you have to ask, what is going on with your DNA!

Let's say that a mutation increasing risks of Crohn's disease is running through your family. What can you do about it, if you find out you have the mutation? Minimize the impact of it! Avoid stress whenever possible, eat healthy.

There is more - once you have the knowledge of what is hidden within your DNA, when it comes to conceiving a baby, you might want to check or even control if it inherits it or not.

5. Because you can!

People often buy many useless and expensive things to improve their appearances. DNA tests are by far the most reasonably spent money. No more excuses.

The progress is unstoppable. DNA tests of common genetic diseases have become a standard for a modern human being. The technology exists. Now it is a matter of your choice.

Take control over your health and get tested today.

Posted on: 12/05/2015

Futura Genetics DNA Test Assess the risk of developing 28 diseases where there is a genetic predisposition factor.
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