5 Things You Can Do with Your Genetics Report
Due to the advancement of modern technology and medicine, we can now combat various diseases and conditions before they even emerge.

For example a great portion of diseases is caused because of a dysfunction in either single or a group of proteins. Therefore, with SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) you can discover if you are prone to type one diabetes, since it occurs due to insufficient production of insulin within the pancreas.

A versatile and incredibly accurate method of discovering potential treats is a genetics report. It basically tells you what to expect in the future based on your DNA test. In other words, you will know whether you are more prone to obesity, heart disease, cancer, Lupus, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Here are some things that you can do after receiving your genetics report.

You acknowledge it as a warning

It is really rare to have impeccable feedback after a genetics report. Our DNA is rich with all sorts of genetic data, and we share both the good and the bad traits of our ancestors. This is why it is quite common for someone to turn into a hypochondriac once he or she gets the report. Although, being more vigilant is not a bad thing, there is no reason to change your life completely, since the results only show all the possible scenarios.

All you need to do with the results is regard them as warning, so if you are prone to hearing diseases it would be wise to tone down on the cholesterol intake, for example. If you haven’t experienced any side-effects, chances are you’re completely all right, and all you need is a little bit of caution.

You can allow it to guide your future decisions

Another way to utilize your genetics report is to look at it as a guideline. When we are young we can adopt some habits that are generally bad for our health. The problem is that we lack the motivation to abandon those habits before it is too late. As mentioned, these tests can sometimes be alarming, which is a good thing in this case. One cannot retain the same lifestyle for too long if it involves habits like smoking, drinking, and eating junk food. The sooner you leave those habits behind the better, so a small dose of fear can be a good thing.

It can save your life

It is also worth mentioning that there are cases in which your results are not just a storm in a teacup. So, you can either view the results as a stroke of bad luck, or be thankful for the early warning. It is always better to do these tests in advance, and know where you stand. Think about how many people did not have a fighting chance to begin with. In other words, view this as blessing and a chance to get treatment on time.

You can find out why you are experiencing certain problems

Despite the fact we have the same genes, we do not look exactly the same. The main reason for this is the diversity of our genes, and due to the fact that some genes are less exposed than other. Over the course of time, we notice how our genes differentiate even further. This is because our cells divide to either replace dead cells or when we are recovering from a wound. As cells divide they copy their DNA, but during this, transcription errors can occur. Such changes are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP mentioned in the introduction). In the majority of cases these sort of alterations do not affect protein function, however, like in the example mentioned at the beginning it can result in type 1 diabetes. Using SNPs, numerous different characteristics can be identified, like being prone to developing a certain disease, drug tolerance, etc.

You can find out if your vision is in danger

Lastly, you can use the information and find out if there is a chance of Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is one of the common causes for vision loss in the age of 50 and above. There are two types of AMD called “Wet” and “Dry”. Wet version of AMD is actually more treatable, but vision loss cannot be easily reversed, whereas Dry AMD cannot be treated. If your first-degree relative had AMD your chances of developing it are increased 2-3 fold.

Posted on: 20/08/2015

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