Are you an A-hole when you´re drunk?
Are you the type of person who acts impulsively after a couple of drinks? Are you that asshole in the bar that constantly picks fights and causes trouble when intoxicated? You can now simply blame your genes! For the ones who transform into a complete asshole when they’re drunk, there is now finally a very legit excuse. Just recently, researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered that being an asshole when you’re intoxicated is actually in your genes.

Research from Finnish scientists indicated that a “relatively common” genetic mutation in the Finnish population may prompt carriers toward more impulsive or reckless behavior when they consume a certain amount of alcohol.  According to the study, published November of last year in the journal of Translational Psychiatry, more than 100,000 Finns (2.2. percent of the population) carry this serotonin 2B receptor gene mutation. This was already identified last 2010. It’s mainly associated with poor impulse control, a trait the researchers define as “a learned protective mechanism against overt reactions to negative emotions” and also has a “genetic foundation.”

In a new study, researchers looked at drunken impulse control among 14 carriers of the serotonin 2B receptor mutation and 156 non-carriers. They used personality questionnaires, aggression screenings, alcoholism screening tests, and reports of lifetime drinking history. The analysis resulted in the presence of the mutation “predicted impulsive and aggressive behaviors particularly” when carriers had their share of alcohol consumption.

Roope Tikkanen also concluded in his observation that apart from the overt behavior, temperament was affected as a persistent tendency; this was a reaction to stimuli on a certain level. He added that though everything wasn’t really fully consistent, such patterns that match a passive-dependent personality emerge. The carriers personality features, such as relatively low interest in novelty and exploratory activities, anxiety, fear of uncertainty, attachment or dependence and low persistence, were characteristic. Though they are still speculations, they say that the mutation apparently has a huge role in insulin and glucose metabolism.

At any rate, researchers caution that “the small sample size… increases the possibility of simulated results. Sampling was also undermined  by the fact that it wasn’t originally designed for this particular study” and perhaps more atrociously, the fact that half of the mutation group was comprised of female relatives of the violent offenders. The researchers say that they tried to rule out all these possibly biased factors by adjusting the relapse analysis with a categorical variable dissevering the relatives with the gene from the non-relatives with the gene.

Source: The Bit Bag


Posted on: 09/03/2016

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