The Benefits of Understanding your DNA
No matter who you are or where you’re from – there’s one thing that you’ll have in common with every other living organism on the planet, and that’s your DNA. All species possess their own formulations of DNA, and it’s these formulations that provide the framework for life as we know it.

Consider a molecule of water; it will be smaller than anything that a human can see, but it still exists nonetheless. A molecule of DNA is no different, in fact unlike water molecules that comprise of nothing but hydrogen and oxygen, a full strand of DNA possesses an incredible variety of genetic information. Thanks to the advances in scientific technology, we are now able to evaluate each and every genetic cell, and a much better understanding of our inner workings can now be obtained.

Understanding the ingredients of your DNA

Think of looking at your DNA as you would look at the ingredient list on a ready-meal at the supermarket. Many people flip the packaging over to take a good look at what the meal contains, to see if it is suitable for their needs. If the person is allergic to any of the ingredients, or if they’d rather not consume a particular one, then they can place the package back and find a better product.

Although it’s not always possible to change your DNA to suit you, the ability to understand each element of your genetics can be just as beneficial as reading that ingredient list - especially when your health is concerned.

Biology and You

You don’t actually need to hold a Master’s Degree in Biology to fully appreciate your genetic code. The only thing that you’ll need to know is what your DNA says about you. In essence, our DNA isn’t set in stone; certain genetic dispositions will define things like your height, weight and even your hair line, but your lifestyle and long-term environmental conditions can alter the outcome of those eventualities. There are also other genetic elements to consider, such as any hereditary illnesses that run in your family, as well as the potential for you to be affected by certain genetic conditions.

That’s where the benefit of understanding your DNA comes in to the fray. By being able to understand what your DNA says about your own particular genetic dispositions, you’ll be able to identify the type of lifestyle that you should be living to maximize your quality of life. For example, if cancer has been present in your family, then you’ll obtain a better understanding of just how prone you may be to developing cancerous cells.

It goes way beyond understanding what can occur, however. Millions of people around the world are suffering with undiagnosed medical conditions, and if left untreated – these conditions can become life threatening. Standard blood tests aren’t always as efficient as an extensive DNA evaluation, which means that there are times when even the most experienced medical experts will inadvertently overlook a potentially life-changing condition.

That’s what makes genetic testing such a vital part of science and biology. By understanding the inner workings of your DNA, you’ll be able to identify potential illnesses, gauge how prone you are to developing a medical condition, and even predict your general health across the span of your life time. That’s exactly what our non-intrusive DNA test does. We test for common conditions such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, as well as lesser known illnesses that can affect your well-being.

Posted on: 22/06/2016

Futura Genetics DNA Test Assess the risk of developing 28 diseases where there is a genetic predisposition factor.
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