Get Tested: Diabetes Has Become a Common Disease Today
There are a lot of people diagnosed with diabetes these days, and so many organizations are trying to raise awareness about the issue, which will lead to people going on checkups more often.

It cannot be cured, but it can be prevented and regulated if you adopt some healthy habits. Whether you have a predisposition to getting it or not, you should get tested.

1. What is Diabetes?

Simply said, this is the inability of your body to produce insulin or the inability of cells to respond well to insulin and convert sugar and glucose into energy. This results in building up sugar and seriously damaging your health. There are three main types of this metabolic disease: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes. While the last one affects only women during their pregnancy who didn’t have diabetes before, the other two are related to genetics.

  • Type 1: in this form of diabetes mellitus, pancreas is unable to produce insulin. The immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin in pancreas and increase blood sugar. Because it usually develops in childhood or adolescence, it also known as Juvenile Diabetes. However, it can develop at any age. The usual symptoms are frequent urination, increased need for water and food and weight loss. So far, scientist haven’t found what causes diabetes apart from the genetic factor.
  • Type 2: unlike the previous one, this type usually develops after the age of 40 and the body is able to produce insulin, but not enough. The symptoms are the same as with Type 1, whereas the cause is not only the genetic factor, but also a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Coping with diabetes

Although there is no cure for it, diabetes is treatable. While the insulin injections are absolutely necessary for type 1, the level of blood sugar can be controlled with a corresponding diet and proper exercises. However, in some cases these injections are necessary even for type 2. The first thing every person who suffers from diabetes must avoid is stress. Since it can significantly increase blood sugar levels, you must find a way to lower your stress.

Regardless of the type, you must take it seriously and adjust your diet accordingly. If you are suffering from the type 1, you need to take extra care about balancing your insulin intake. There are many factors that determine the amount of insulin, but they can vary on a daily basis. Too much insulin can dangerously lower your blood sugar, while too little insulin will do the opposite. The key is to find the perfect balance based on the factors such as diet, energy, stress etc.

3. Do you have predisposition for diabetes?

If you are not sure whether you are at risk of having, you may want to do DNA testing and find out. This can be really helpful as you will understand the situation and act accordingly. Depending on the type and the genetic factors involved, the risk of developing diabetes varies. Besides genetics, the risk can vary depending on geographical location.

The environmental factors show these differences; for instance, Asians have significantly lower risk than Caucasians. Type 2 can be triggered not only by the environmental factors, but also with certain traumas or stress. Do a DNA test and find out whether you are at risk of developing diabetes.

Even if you don’t have a predisposition to get diabetes, it is recommended to the test regularly, because if found early you will avoid some complications and easily deal with it. It’s simple.

4. Can it be prevented?

Even though you have the gene and you are quite likely to inherit type 2, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t prevent it. This means you need to take care of your diet and avoid bad fats, sugary drinks and try to eat whole grain food. Secondly, you need to stay active in order to enable the muscles to absorb glucose and improve the use of insulin. With a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet, you can avoid the activation of that gene. Quit smoking, start exercising and you’ll easily prevent type 2. The cure to many diseases usually lies in regulating our habits and adopting the healthy ones.

Diabetes is one of the most widespread metabolic diseases, and it can develop in any age, gender or race. The most common is the second type and it is usually tied with the obesity, irregular diet and the lack of physical activity. There is no cure for diabetes, but it is treatable and depending on the type, the factors that can trigger it, can be prevented.

Posted on: 10/04/2017

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