Health genetic testing in 2018?
The growing accessibility of personalized medicine, tailoring medical treatment strategies to our specific genetic needs, has become a hot topic in the last fifteen years.

The Case for Personal Genetics

The growing accessibility of personalized medicine, tailoring medical treatment strategies to our specific genetic needs, has become a hot topic in the last fifteen years. 


Because in 2003 the world’s increasingly networked genetic research community finally sequenced the 3 billion base pairs that constitute the human genome. The same figure of 3 billion, but in dollars, was the initial cost of that first accomplishment. And it was a general sequencingof many sources.

Today, that astronomical cost has plummeted to thousandsof dollars, or considerably less. And that’s to sequence the entire genome of a single individual. This astoundingly sudden access to such an enormous reservoir of knowledge suggests a parallel example of modern technology that we all use today.

Our Microchip

Moore’s Law famously tracked and predicted our developing ability to increase the computing power of the integrated circuit, doubling it each year. Consider the changes we have all experienced in technology since the mid-sixties! And how about the statement that we all now hold more computing power in our mobile devices than was required to manage the Apollo missions!

Mobile phones have truly revolutionized the planet, linking us all via the sheer computing power we now possess. Equally, the rapid advances in ease of access to personal genetic information mean that this astonishing knowledge is now within reach for more and more people due to lowering costs.

So what does this mean in terms of benefits for you?

Personalized Power

Well, instead of looking at the entire genome, we can now tailor DNA testing to your personal needs. Pre-existing hereditary conditions can now be targeted, or batches of commonly occurring medical conditions can be tested with a single ‘spit and send’ test to quickly build out a picture of how susceptible you may be.

Companies such as Futura Genetics offer this kind of convenient test to assess your personal DNA. A simple spit testing kit is sent for analysis, allowing Futura to build out a personalized report within four weeks that lets you understand your risk factors relating to the 28 most common conditions

Think about it. In less than a month you gain an inside understanding of yourself. That means you can develop an effective healthcare strategy to improve your lifestyle.

It’s the age of personal DNA exploration!

What Works for You?

For example, around 8% of humans with a European genetic ancestry are at a distinctly higher risk of suffering from blood clots. Certain situations can exacerbate the likelihood of clot formation, and these include lack of mobility on long-haul flights, dehydration, and using oral contraceptives. 

Simple, data-backed insights from DNA testing can drive real changes in personal behavior that may literally save your life. And these habits become hardwired as part of your sense of self-understanding. For example, hydration may never be a personal issue again. 

It’s our human instinct to ensure we survive and continue, but sometimes even the most well-meant advice from our loved ones can fall on deaf ears. Fact-based, personally ratified hard data about yourself that comes from yourself is hard to deny, and personal DNA tests supply incontrovertible evidence of what your body is telling you.

Would you take notice when you understand more about yourself?

A Social Imperative

DNA testing is a highly personal journey, but there are also major implications for society at large. Now that we have the ability to crunch huge amounts of data we can apply analytics to genetic information through personalized testing and develop larger patternsto help scientific progress in our understanding of disease and illness.

Mobile technologies have taught us that people actually enjoy participating, sharing, and communicating. Personal medical data is, of course, private, and as with Big Data, we need to ensure that individuals are protected. That’s why companies such as Futura Genetics employ strict encryption protocols to keep your information safe. However, when personal DNA test results are discussed carefully with a GP, the likelihood of people agreeing to share those results as part of a wider network increases. For example, knowing there are other people out there who have similar conditions makes people want to form communities to live through the experience together. 

On a national level, countries like the UK are following this trend and developing a national human genome database to capitalize on citizen participation, helping the country’s well-being and beyond.

The combined data from such groups is huge news for medical research progress and one reason why personal DNA testing is revolutionizing our ability to understand our species. Futura Genetics is part of this change and is empowering people to be part of the future.

An Inevitable Trend?

Personal DNA testing means big changes in the way we look at ourselves from our local community to the whole extended human race. There are going to be benefits that we can’t even understand right now, ways that our knowledge will cross over and foster understanding in other areas.

More than this though, personal genetics means taking a leap to understand yourself fundamentally. It goes beyond simply trusting in the abilities of your medical professional or the advice of loved ones. Instead, it builds onthose sources and will help to endorse those opinions through test results. 

If you want to understand yourself, discover what your genes mean for you, your family, and possibly your future, get in touch with Futura Genetics to order a test kit now and be part of the change.

Familiarity with your own DNA means you are better prepared to live longer, healthier, and more productively. There’s nothing to lose, and that’s the bottom line.

It’s time to know yourself.

Posted on: 09/07/2018

Futura Genetics DNA Test Assess the risk of developing 28 diseases where there is a genetic predisposition factor.
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