How DNA test helped me avoid Diabetes
This is a true story. A story about an ordinary man who came across a genetic testing company. A history of diabetes runs through his family. He is very well aware of that fact.

This genetic disease affects lives and its quality of many of his relatives. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out his own chances on developing the symptoms of diabetes. But has he ever done anything to avoid it?

Before DNA test

Nothing. Quite the opposite. This guy was literally living on coca cola, one of the sweetest drinks in the world. He wouldn’t exercise much, he often skipped breakfast, neither his diet was particularly healthy. He is a hard working person, no stranger to working late in the night. That means he would grab a piece of cake or pack of biscuits in the middle of the night when he needed an extra boost for his brain, making his level of blood sugar jumping high and low. Also, he travels a lot. He spends a lot of time on the plane sitting for hours. Combine these conditions with genetics and boom! There goes Diabetes type 2.

It’s not like he didn't know that sugar is bad and coke is not healthy. His 3 grandparents suffered from diabetes. So what contributed to the major change in his life style? What made him rethink the way he eats? The answer is DNA test.

After DNA test

Only after seeing it on paper black on white, it hit him:

“I cannot ignore my genetics anymore. I must do something about it otherwise I end up clocking insulin for the rest of my life.”

Before the DNA test results, he was addicted to Coca-Cola. But suddenly he was able to stop drinking it completely. Every day, he is trying to improve his diet habits by reducing sugar wherever possible. He neither puts sugar into his coffee anymore nor does he eat nutritionally poor food in the middle of the night. He even started to be more physically active. It is well known that sport is generally healthy. Physical activity reduces the level of blood sugar, burns energy, boosts up our immunity system and makes us feel great overall! The good mood and optimistic life attitude are undeniably greatly corresponding to healthy and quality life.

The difference between knowing and KNOWING

But when it comes to genetic disease, all day smile isn’t gonna do the magic, unfortunately. In this true story, only hardcore information like DNA test results convinced our guy to take it seriously and start taking good care of his pancreas. It is scientifically proven that from a psychological point of view, seeing our test results black on white is like the end of excuses. It is essential for taking prevention steps.

DNA test for diabetes is one of those where you can actually do something about it when you have the right information. Take an example of our young man here. You may also have the life ahead of you, don’t spoil it unnecessarily, the technology is available! Home DNA test can be delivered to you within days and you can start changing behavior thanks to Futura Genetics DNA test.

Plus, consider this: If you take the DNA test and it pushes you towards healthier lifestyle, not only you decrease the chance for developing diabetes type 2, but also by staying healthy, you can save a lot of money that would be otherwise expended for expensive treatment. It’s a win-win!

Posted on: 11/07/2018

Futura Genetics DNA Test Assess the risk of developing 28 diseases where there is a genetic predisposition factor.
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